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Thread: Intel now licensing AMD graphics?

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    Intel now licensing AMD graphics?

    Intel's patent and licensing agreement with Nvidia expired back in March. Apparently, instead of renewing it, they cozied up to AMD. It would be nice to see a Vega core instead of Iris graphics or the HD stuff Intel does on the integrated side. What do you think? Will this improve Intel's integrated graphics situation?

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    Well see AMD tech but not wholesale AMD cores.
    Same as the current situation with Nvidia.

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    The patent agreements Intel has is so that they can develop their graphics technology without running into patent lawsuits with either Nvidia or AMD. A lot of these guys cross license their patents and technology. That doesn’t mean Intel is going to use an Nvidia or AMD based GPU. Especially when you factor in that the only competition, APUs, have barely made a dent in the market.

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    Intel will continue to develop their IGP as it best suits their design and end goal perceived by their users.

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    This rumour has been proved wrong a long time ago.
    Intel has publicly stated ( a month ago or so) that there will be no amd graphics in their processors

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    content from reference site

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