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Thread: Industrial Design: The Switch

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    Industrial Design: The Switch

    There's been plenty of talk about the switch. Is it powerful enough? The battery... the screen... the controller, but so far I haven't really seen anyone talk about the actual design of the console.

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    My first impressions were good. It's certainly not a stunner like the new Xbox One S or the Surface Studio, or most anything Apple makes, but it also wasn't offensive.

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    However, as I am wont to, I started buying it in my mind, and hooking it up in my entertainment center. It'd go on the top of my entertainment center, on the left. Slightly angled so that everyone could see it in all its... erm... okay-ness. It was a new gadget, after all, I'd want to show it off, right?

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    content from reference site

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    But what about a year from now? 2? 3? Am I still going to want that sticking up as the centerpiece of my entertainment center? Probably not. Which is where it's problem is. The dock only has one orientation, and it's tall and wide. It won't fit anywhere inside the entertainment center, and you can't turn it profile to minimize the footprint, because the wires would come out of the wrong place. It demands that centerpiece position in your setup for as long as it exists. And that's a bad thing.

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    The Xbox One was widely criticized for its design when it was released. It was boring, just a black rectangle. It looked like a VCR! But that's the thing: once you put it alongside your receiver and your DVD player, it just disappeared, and that's what it _should_ do.

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