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Thread: Former Reddit CEO Spilling Secrets

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    Former Reddit CEO Spilling Secrets

    I'm sure many Verge users are also Reddit fanatics. I'm wondering what you all think about the fact that it sounds like Ellen Pao wasn't the big bad wolf after all. In a surprising turn, it seems like the big bad wolf might actually be the Verge's partner and friend, Alexis Ohanian and his fellow co-founder.

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    With this new information, does this make you more or less enthusiastic about Reddit remaining the last bastion of free speech? Do you doubt the credibility of this former CEO?

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    I think Reddit is going to lose that role to Voat. It’ll be interesting to see how many users Reddit actually loses during the purge (i.e. are the people that care about unbridled free speech just a loud minority or actually a significant portion of Reddit’s user base).

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    Trust me, in time Voat will lose it too.
    You cannot have a bad platform with people that brands and business don’t want to associate with and if you need to finance as website, it too will need to be profitable.

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    To this point, it’s been interesting to watch Moot’s tweets over the last few days. It sounds as if he sees a lot of Reddit’s troubles as an extension of what he went through with 4chan.

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