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Thread: Reddit and AMAgeddon

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    Reddit and AMAgeddon

    So now that the dust has started to settle and postmortem opinion pieces are being written. What do you guys think about the recent events on Reddit? What are the implications for the site, the users, and the administration? Where will Reddit go from here?

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    Honestly for me there are a few smaller communities I enjoy visiting and this stuff isn’t going to stop me.
    I don’t expect a Digg-esque fallout, not yet at least.

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    It’s worth mentioning that Reddit is more than 5x bigger than Digg was when it collapsed (<30M unique visitors on Digg at it’s peak compared to >160M on Reddit now) and a lot less centred around power users so it’d require a much bigger event to lead to the same type of exodus from Reddit that happened to Digg.

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    That’s a good point. Also, much of this seems to be people jumping on the bandwagon and going on an Ellen Pao witchhunt. Just look at the latest apology announcement – Pao’s comments are getting upvoted and things are settling down.

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    As far as I know nobody has any idea why the AMA assistant got fired, so I think a lot of the anger of everyone was a bit uncalled for. She could have done something that falls under their grounds for dismissal, or it could have been a legitimate business decision.

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