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Thread: Faux bokeh examples from John Gruber (now we know why it's "coming this Fall")

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    Faux bokeh examples from John Gruber (now we know why it's "coming this Fall")

    Famous Apple apologist posted these early examples of faux bokeh on his iPhone 7Plus. I'd say DSL's have little to worry about for a long time. They may impress your aunt Cathy on Facebook but they aren't going to fool many others.

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    There are two camps for camera users. People who actually NEED a DSLR and people who simply WANT a DSLR. It will be a long time before smartphones can be used in place of a DSLR for people who need it. Phones like the iPhone 7 Plus are suppose to replace the DSLR for people who merely want one. DSLRs are not for everyone. Just because they have better hardware than most cameras does not mean everyone needs one. They are bulky, heavy depending on lens selection and cumbersome to change lenses on the fly. They just aren’t practical for average people. Cameras like Advanced Compacts are suppose to be the solution for those people who don’t want to deal with that, but still want a travel friendly all purpose camera. Advanced Compacts are the cameras most people would benefit most from, but they are expensive and not as well known to average users. The iPhone 7 Plus and phones like it are meant to replace those cameras.

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    I am not mocking the photos (they are exactly what you would expect from a piece of software trying to automatically emulate the look of something else). I am mocking all the breathless, over-excited technologists who declare the "death of the DSLR" (or mirrorless systems or basically any dedicated camera) every time a new iPhone comes out. Their unwavering faith in technology far outweights their actual knowledge of photography.

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    I love my iPhone camera. It goes everywhere with me. As does my Fuji. They serve very different purposes. One does not kill the other. I will be using my iPhone 7 a lot. I will not however be using the bokeh emulation setting though. As I expected it looks as cheesy and fake as Instagram light leak filters.

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    Go to any photography site (Petapixel, DPreview, etc). Look at practically any Verge discussion thread on the iPhone 7’s camera and you will find these claims. Someone on this very Lens forum once claimed that Lytro type tech would make DSLR’s obsolete and that we would see professional photographers using such tech at the Olympics as early as 2020.

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