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Thread: Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman

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    Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman

    Hopefully there will be no FBI investigations into this firm.

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    Question for the staff (or anyone): Is there a good place to go for common people (read: not lawyers) to read about patent and other types of law? I like the posts on this site about patents and how they actually might affect the industry, but what other sources are reputable while still easy to read?

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    A great patent blog I’d recommend is PatentlyO ( I’m not sure how accessible it is to non-practitioners, but it is definitely the place to look for new developments in patent law.

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    Another decent blog is IPWatchdog ( They tend to do a good job of explaining (and opining on) IP issues rather than just reporting on them.

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    I personally think you’ll get what you need here.

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