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Thread: Picking a laptop

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    As my HP Pavilion is starting to show signs of wanting to retire, I've started to look around for a new laptop.

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    Picking a laptop

    My original plan was to get a Surface pro 3, but I didn't like the keyboard that much unfortunately. :/ At that price point I demand more, it just felt a bit flimsy. I would be spending the majority of time in "laptop mode" anyway, so I'd like a decent keyboard. Shame that SP 4 is probably a while away.

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    I'm looking for a laptop that has decent battery life, is light enough that taking it with you won't feel like a chore, and it has a decent screen. It should probably have windows too, as I'm already invested in the platform and I'm liking the direction where windows 10 is going.

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    First of all, does anyone have any ideas as to why should one pick the yoga pro 3 over the previous model? The intel M processor isn't that powerful, and I'm not seeing any major advantages for it.... And Lenovo has gone back to the yoga pro 2 style hinge in their newest model that they announced at CES, so the one in pro 3 can't be that great.

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    But then Dell announced the new XPS 13... It certainly has a lot going for it, good screen, accurate mouse pad, and great battery life(according to marketing anyway). I hope to see a review for this by the Verge in the near future. The only problem regarding Dell is that Finland(where I'm from) seems to be a black hole in the map for them. Except for business customers anyway. We have no way of ordering directly from Dell, and the only reseller Dell has listed on their website has no laptops from them on sale... I'm hoping that might change, I just sent them an email about it.

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