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    I have a Nikon dslr 3100, I am am a newbie so bear with me. I have a 18-55 and a 70-300 which I have used with success but have just bought a used Sigma 4-5.6 10-20mm wide angle zoom, there are no filters with it. I think I need a UV filter which will also protect the lens but I believe there is a filter that will enhance blues and greens outside.

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    What filters

    You don’t need a UV filter – putting an extra bit of cheap glass in front of a lens isn’t going to do anything positive for image quality and unless you’re in extreme conditions it doesn’t need protecting
    The other one you refer to is a polarising filter

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    UV filters were used back in the film days, but with digital sensors their usefulness is mostly just relegated to protecting the glass on the lens.
    Polarising filters also have the benefit of cutting out reflections, so it’s a good addition to a kit.
    Another type of filter that is fairly common are ND (neutral density) filters, these darken an image and help control exposure in bright conditions, or if you want to try long exposure photography.

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    I highly suggest a polarising filter and an ND filter.
    I have a polarising filter for both my Canon 24-105 and 50mm and leave it on all the time. It protects the lens and is much cheaper to replace if it gets damaged.

    As binggeba said, an ND filter allows to try out some fun stuff with long exposure.
    Variable filters are pretty expensive (especially good ones), so I’d suggest you gor for just a couple of ND filters and work from there.

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    Yeah, don’t buy a UV filter. I fell into that same trap when I first started. The only time when I think a UV filter would be needed is for when you’re by fine grain blowing around such as sand, or colored powder (protect other parts of your lens too). Unless if you know you’re doing those things, it’s a waste of money. I wish I could get my $100+ back from buying multiple B+W UV filters…
    A circular polarizer would be first filter to buy in my opinion. I couldn’t care less about getting deeper blues in the sky but, I’m surprised by how many reflections in the scene are reduced. ND filters are nice but, not necessarily required. A polarizer will act as a 1-2 stop filter if needed.

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