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Thread: Google Chrome Updates

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    Google Chrome Updates

    I'm using Google Chrome but now Google is unable to open websites mostly. I thing its an issue of Chrome updates. How can I stop Google Chrome updates.

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    Chrome has been going hayware for a few years now. Even IE11 renders the general web better than Chrome nowadays.

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    Based on personal experience. I tried 1 month run each on Chrome/IE11/Firefox/Opera on Windows 8.1 back in 2014.
    Chrome was a worse experience than other browsers, rendering wise, though Firefox was the slowest due to it being limited to one or two CPU threads.

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    So you tried Chrome for 1 month over a year ago, and from this conclude that "Chrome has been going hayware for a few years now."?

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    I make a 1 month run of all major browsers once every 1 to 2 years to see how things are between them. Chrome has been the least reliable of them all, when we’re talking of Opera/Firefox/IE11/Edge/Chrome.

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