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Thread: What Will Nintendo Do If The NX Flops?

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    What Will Nintendo Do If The NX Flops?

    The NX is coming in March 2017 and with the duality of news that there will be no E3 Coverage and that the console will be sold at a profit (which translates to me that they will be using current gen technology and nothing mind blowing) many of us Nintendo faithful are a little worried about the coming console being a repeat of the Wii U's mistakes. The one omission being that Nintendo is focusing on a strong set of launch titles.

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    But let's play hypothetical and ask what will Nintendo do if this console flops much like the Wii U. Here's a short list of options:

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    1. Will they take a break and join the next console generation (ps5, xbox one thousand)?
    2. Will they try again the next year?
    3. Will the become 3rd part developers?
    4. Will they support the sinking ship?
    5. Will they focus primarily on the mobile and handheld markets?

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    In my opinion this console needs to be hit because Nintendo has certainly hurt their reputation with multitudes of gamers in the past and now stand to hurt their reputation with their loyal fans as well. Many of which are upset over the performance of the Wii U in today's market.

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    I'm rooting for Nintendo but I have to admit my faith is at an all time low. What about you guys? What do you think Nintendo will do if the NX doesn't perform as expected?
    TL;DR: Watch the Video Above for a concise explanation of my thoughts.

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