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    Playstation 5

    When do you think the Playstation 5 will come out? Will it come out in 2019?

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    2019 or 2020 are both viable possibilities for Sony releasing a new target platform (i.e. something that developers are allowed to target without making sure it works on the PS4/Pro), by that point they should be able to release something roughly twice as powerful as the PS4 Pro (~4-5x as powerful as the PS4) for $400, which is in the ball park of the performance increase we often see between generations.

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    The only stumbling point I see is 4K. If the PS5 intends to be a native 4K console, outside of the resolution increase, we’re not going to see a huge difference, graphically, between the PS4 and PS5 (The Xbox One X is about 5x as fast as the Xbox One and the main benefit of that seems to be playing Xbox One games at 4K). If that’s the case the release might be pushed back so that there’s a bigger graphical difference between the two consoles outside of 4K.

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    Announced 2019 for release in 2020. I’d bet on 10 Tflops.

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    2020 would be the ideal time as it’ll be the 25th anniversary (if you consider the US release of 1995) of the Playstation console family. How is it ideal? I don’t know, imo it would only feel right to release a 5th console on the 25th anniversary that has something incorporated into it from the previous 4.

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