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Thread: Net Neutrality is YOUR Problem

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    Net Neutrality is YOUR Problem

    I don’t mean to sound bleak, but there’s a nonzero chance that this post will be my last post to this site. Why? Because at the time of writing this, the FCC’s vote to repeal the Title II classification that was appointed to the internet under the Obama administration is only a few days away. In just a few days, Ajit Pai and the 4 other commissioners of the FCC will likely vote 3-2 in favor of repealing Net Neutrality (henceforth NN, I'm lazy sue me).

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    I haven’t heard a single convincing argument for the repeal of NN. In fact, I haven’t heard a single argument that hasn’t been thoroughly debunked in favor of the repeal of NN. Just a quick recap of some of the arguments:

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    I could go on (and have gone ontwice) but I won’t here. I do want to address one sentiment that I have heard several times; the "Net Neutrality repeal won’t really affect me" argument. This is patently false unless you’re a hermit in the mountains with no contact to the outside world, and it’s simply not possible for an isolated hermit to be reading this. So, within rounding error, the repeal of NN will detriment the internet-ing experience of 100% of American citizens. Everyone will see the ill-effects of the corporate structuring of the internet. Let’s take a look at how.

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    (Quick note: I’m gonna be picking on Comcast for this argument. I chose Comcast mostly because they’re the biggest ISP in America, but for another pretty major reason that you’ll see in a bit. Strap in, ladies and gents.)

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    Let’s start with NBC: The National Broadcasting Company. Ever heard of it? Of course, you have. It’s one of the Big Five (formerly Big Three) networks in American media. They’re a big deal. Everything from sports to stocks to entertainment to the goddamn Blacklist (once you’ve seen James Spader in a fedora, it’s really hard to see him in a baseball cap), all of that comes from NBC. And NBC is perhaps the most famous of the many names that is owned by Comcast. So, if you own Comcast, then congrats! NBC will be faster than ever in a week’s time. If you don’t, well then, you’re SOL. NBC will be among the first networks and sites blocked by most ISPs, because NBC is a big profit engine for Comcast. If you’re using NBC content, after all, then you aren’t using your own ISP’s alternative, and you’re driving profits away. So, your ISP will block NBC from you, and you’ll have to use something else.

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