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    What filters

    I have a Nikon dslr 3100, I am am a newbie so bear with me. I have a 18-55 and a 70-300 which I have used with success but have just bought a used Sigma 4-5.6 10-20mm wide angle zoom, there are no filters with it. I think I need a UV filter which will also protect the lens but I believe there is a filter that will enhance blues and greens outside.

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    You don’t need a UV filter – putting an extra bit of cheap glass in front of a lens isn’t going to do anything positive for image quality and unless you’re in extreme conditions it doesn’t need protecting
    The other one you refer to is a polarising filter

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    UV filters were used back in the film days, but with digital sensors their usefulness is mostly just relegated to protecting the glass on the lens.

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    Polarising filters also have the benefit of cutting out reflections, so it’s a good addition to a kit.

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    I highly suggest a polarising filter and an ND filter.
    I have a polarising filter for both my Canon 24-105 and 50mm and leave it on all the time. It protects the lens and is much cheaper to replace if it gets damaged.

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