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Thread: A9 Mini-Review

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    A9 Mini-Review

    So, I imagine some of you are interested in the Sony A9. I was, too. So, I bought one.

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    First impressions - It is compact, but very similar to the Nikon Df in dimensions and weight. The FE mount lenses, however, are very light and more compact that equivalent full frame Nikon G lenses. No doubt, the shorter mount to film distance helps here. The controls are well-placed and somewhat familiar, no doubt intended to facilitate the transition by pros from Canon and Nikon over to the Sony ecosystem. Menus are still a little clunky, but custom menus and programmable buttons alleviate that concern.

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    I picked up the 28, 55 (used) and 85. These three will cover my usual prime needs. I also have a Metabones to use my old Nikon glass on, so 20 and 40 Voigtlanders and 35, 50, 105 and 200 non-Ai legends along with the Vivitar 28-90/2.8.

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    Auto-focus with FE mount glass is lightning fast. I put it full on to the test for my first shoot. Three can lights with colored gels was all the light I had at a small venue for some or our label's bands trying out new material. There is no way the Df could have consistently hit focus. The A9 was, however, able to lock on and track focus from side to side, top to bottom. It was like witchcraft. Sure, it would jump occasionally, but it would also snap back. With the 20fps shooting enabled, you can fire off short three frame bursts to get just the right composition. It is wickedly powerful and very addicting.

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    When taking focus duties away from the camera, the focus peaking option is also like witchcraft. Edges of things in focus glow like the Golden Child and it looks so much better in this viewfinder than previous Alphas. I'll be braving f2 on the 50 non-Ai on a regular basis, I expect.

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