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Thread: Running Facebook apps make the handphone battery quick drop

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    Running Facebook apps make the handphone battery quick drop

    Each every we run the facebook apps always make the battery drop faster than usually. What happened exactly.

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    They have been awful for years. I don’t use FB very much at all, and FB Messenger has mostly been replaced by Whatsapp for most of my friends, so I just don’t install their apps at all. (Yes, I’m aware Whatsapp is a FB product, but their app doesn’t drain battery in the same way – yet…)

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    If you just use it a bit, then set up notifications from the mobile website. Works in very nearly the same way.
    I’ve always assumed the battery drain issues are from location tracking / data mining. Can anyone confirm?

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    Are you sure mobile website notifications don’t also drain the battery? I wonder how/when it polls the website.

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    I’m not sure of anything other than the extra couple of hours of battery life I’ve got on my device since removing the apps.
    I’m sure that mobile notifications do indeed use extra battery, but clearly not as much as the native apps do!

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