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Thread: a thought about the upcoming net neutrality rules

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    a thought about the upcoming net neutrality rules

    Thinking of arguments against calling internet a utility, the only one I could think of was that water and electricity have become completely uncompetitive as utilities. Then I realized that was a terrible argument because water and electricity cannot be improved. Water doesn't need to move faster or leak out of pipes less. The internet will continue to quickly get faster and more accurate for the foreseeable future, maybe forever—unless the FCC eliminates competition.

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    I think you take for granted how abundant and cheap water and electricity are here to provide for business, industry, and agriculture. If our electrification rank were equally as insufficient as our internet rank we would be on par with Pakistan, and Cuba for water quality.

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    So if we were held to how far your idea of “competition” has gotten us compared to the quality of “uncompetetive” utilities, I’d let the FCC regulate the imaginary competition right out of the internet until shared standards, compatibility among networks, equality for all services, and competition among providers using the same pipe were commonplace.

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    i’m not clear about what you mean by shared standards?

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    That’s fine. Their infrastructure is pretty ingrained into the municipality they’re located in so having competing providers would only over complicate things. That’s why so many are state owned or municipality owned – they’re owned and report to the region they service.

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