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Thread: Canada Extends Copyright from 50 to 70 years

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    Canada Extends Copyright from 50 to 70 years

    Looks like the Government of Canada has officially announced plans (via their 2015 budget) to extended the copyright term for sound recordings from 50 to 70 years. Wondering if this will move beyond just "sound recordings" anytime in the future. Thoughts, anyone?

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    I mean, on the plus side, from the Harper administration I almost expected them to go to 100 or 140.
    Snark aside, as usual Michael Geist has a great writeup:

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    Why is the government using the budget to enact copyright term extension that primarily benefits foreign record labels, has proven controversial elsewhere, has been largely dismissed by numerous studies (including one funded by the government), was not the subject of a major public campaign from stakeholders, and that could cost Canadians millions of dollars?

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    My best guess is the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. The TPP is nearing the end game and the U.S. is still demanding many changes to Canadian copyright law, including copyright term extension for all works (not just sound recordings). The Canadian government’s strategy in recent years has been to enact reforms before the trade agreements are finalized in order to enhance its bargaining position. For example, it moved forward with notice-and-notice rules for Internet providers without the necessary regulations in order to have the system in place and protect it at the TPP talks. It may be trying to do the same here by extending term on sound recordings and hoping that that concession satisfies U.S. copyright demands. Yet the concession comes at a significant price – locked down works and increased costs to consumers – while providing another reminder that too often Canadian copyright law is effectively written by U.S. lobby groups who do not have Canadian interests in mind.

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