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Thread: Cheapest Zoom+SlowMo setup to film cycling event (help!)

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    Cheapest Zoom+SlowMo setup to film cycling event (help!)

    Looking for a cheapest way to film a slow-mo for cycling event in day time which may require a zoom lenses to achieve a close up+ nice dept of field.
    The set up will be put at a corner where the cyclist riding toward and bend out which will be only in focus for a couple of seconds. (with speed around20-25km/h)

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    I will need 2-3 sets of it to cover different area of the route so would love it to be very cheap.
    I think I would love to go with is 60fps and use some plug in to cheat it but i don't mind any 120fps with a nice price
    This is a kind of shot that am looking toward to for this setup still this is amateur hobby stuff which I would love to keep it that way .

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    Used RX-100s? Sony may have cheaper small sensor cameras that do slow mo too, but you won’t get much depth of field with them.

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    I expect that Sony RX10 II would be the best option, giving you tons of options – 1080p @ 120fps, all the way up to 800270 @ 960fps. It’s also got a wide-range 24-200/f2.8 lens that should be appropriate for what you want. It costs $1200, though.
    60fps doesn’t give that much of a slow-mo effect (unless you’re maybe slowing it down to 24p), but if that’s usable, there are a ton of cheaper options on the market.

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    The Panasonic GX85 gives even better video quality (with a 4K option, though only 30 fps) as well as very high-quality in-body image stabilization for handheld shooting, and a similar 2-lens kit (12-32mm and 45-150mm) for the same $850. However, it is a smaller sensor than the Sony, so won’t give quite as much background blur. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for video shooting though, it makes it that much more forgiving…
    EDIT: Just re-read the 2-3 sets part. This leads me to believe you won’t be controlling the camera. It is not possible with any camera to get that kind of shallow depth of field from un-manned video. It just doesn’t exist on the market at any price.

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