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Thread: SSD recommendations?

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    SSD recommendations?

    It's been a while since I bought one and I went with the Samsung 840(?)
    Is Samsung still the favorite? Or have other brands caught up? Do I need to worry about controllers and TLC/MLC on the newer drives?

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    I'm upgrading my kid's laptop from 128 to 256GB so I'm not too worried about utmost performance - just reliability.

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    No complaints with the 850 Evo here.
    If you want to spend a bit less then I’d look at other options before going back to the 750 Evo though

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    I’ve always bought Crucial drives when upgrading others people’s machines (including my wife’s 2010 MacBook). They generally aren’t the fastest but they have been 100% reliable and the support from Crucial is second to none.

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    Having said that I bought two 1TB 850 Evos to upgrade my external media drive ( it had spinning discs ) and, after a bit of farting about getting set up it is blindingly fast.
    If you are using it in a Windows PC the Magician Software apparently makes a huge difference in games if you have a lot of memory but can give problems with video and audio editing and doesn’t work in Macs.

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