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Thread: 10 Facts Uncle Sam Hopes American Citizens Never Learn About Edward Snowden & The NSA...

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    10 Facts Uncle Sam Hopes American Citizens Never Learn About Edward Snowden & The NSA...

    Not too long ago Edward Snowden rocked the world with public disclosures about NSA’s billion dollar Prism project that is paid for by U.S. taxpayers – without their knowledge nor consent. The original reaction was shock. But had we all been told what Prism is capable of doing, the world might be more outraged than simply shocked. Here is what NSA and Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know about how Prism can be used and how despite a billion dollar investment, has failed miserably at detecting terrorists, but has been very effective in identifying American dissidents including this writer…

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    Prism spy technology allows 9 agencies of the U.S. government to transform and use any I-Phone or Android phone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD into a remote listening, recording, and viewing device without our knowledge nor court order, and they have listened into the private official and unofficial conversations of our NATO allies, diplomats, Congressional and foreign leaders around the world, as well as over 30 million Americans. How many diplomats and leaders around the globe do not use an I-Phone or Android phone? Those that do now have almost zero secrets left and can easily be blackmailed.

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    Prism tech also allows the very same people to tap into the PCs, laptops, tablets anywhere in the world and also transform those devices into remote viewing, listening, and recording devices without our knowledge nor a court order. Do you have a laptop in YOUR bedroom?

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    Prism technologies have been used to spy on every American organization that has the word "Patriot" in their name. Alex Jones, Michael Moore, Jess Ventura, and even Congressman Ron Paul are being monitored 24/7. Why? Are they suspected terrorists?

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    Prism technology allows the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to covertly access computer hard drives of anyone around the world and implant false evidence – like child porn files on any target they may want to embarrass, arrest, or lock away. Think about this in case you belong to a group whose name includes the word "Patriot".

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