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Thread: Upgradeable Xbox

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    Upgradeable Xbox

    So Ars and other sites reported about Microsoft talking of an upgradeable Xbox.
    Because of Microsoft's classic poor PR, especially the XB people, who make big statements like these riddled with "but I can't tell you more", people have 100 different interpretations of this with many already in pre-outrage, "typical M$" mode.

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    Some people think MS want to turn Xboxes into something like PCs with various minimum requirements, some newer games running on XB1 2016, but not on the OG XB. That makes no sense to me.
    What I understood from this is that Microsoft wants backwards compatibility from now onwards. Some 360 games will be compatible, but all Xbone games will work on the next one. This means that XB hardware will be similar to iPhones. An iPhone 7 will still play games designed for iPhone 5S. New iPhones play app store games better, but older ones will still play the games. It's not PC-like fragmentation and no, your grandma does not need to know what DDR5 means or what your GPU specs are before buying you a game from Best Buy as a Christmas gift.

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    Except Microsoft has made some unclear message and let people speculate.
    My comment - while the idea of consoles is cool, a 7-year cycle for consoles is way too long. This gen has specs that were almost old the day they came out. Sticking with these specs for another few year sounds exceptionally long.

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    New consoles every 4-5 years is better, but starting from 0 games is not. Buy once, run everywhere (XB1, XB2) is much better. I don't want to envisage a future where I have an XB1, 2 and 3 around my TV just to play the 20 games I love. (I still have my PS3, SNES, N64... despite emulation).
    Some people think Microsoft is talking about a more modular XB. While some people think "everything is modular - GPU, RAM, etc" I don't think it's that. I think a little bit of modularity (disk!!!) such as letting people have an SSD or shipping an XB2 with an optional optical drive. People that want optical, lend/borrow, used games, etc. can buy the optical drive. Everyone else can learn to live without optical media, like we do with Netflix, Steam, app stores, etc.

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    Because of Microsoft's unclear messaging, there's a lot of room to speculate. But I think the console landscape is going to change. What are your thoughts?

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