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Thread: Verge Teens: Snapchat made its first move as a content delivery system, and infuriated its users in the process.

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    Verge Teens: Snapchat made its first move as a content delivery system, and infuriated its users in the process.

    This is something that everyone has come to accept, as the app that nearly everyone thought was for sexting skyrocketed to the top of the App Store over the past few years. And for good reason, with almost all major communication services doing their best to crack video on social media, Snapchat nailed the concept on the first try, simply taking its baked in image and video sharing and turning it into a social profile that allows users to post pictures and videos throughout their day, only to expire after 24 hours and start all over again.

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    Why does this work so well? People love to see what their friends are doing without the hassle of actually starting up a conversation. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all proof of this, but Snapchat takes it to the extreme, with messages that (supposedly) self-destruct immediately after they are viewed, and daily video and picture diaries that can usually be viewed in less than a minute.

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    We live in a world of instant gratification, with the majority of the population getting their news via condensed 140-character blurbs, and their entertainment through streaming services that allow on-demand watching, so users can start and stop their favorite shows whenever is most convenient. This is where Snapchat Discover comes in.

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    Snapchat has a massive user base that - with upwards of 100 million monthly users opening the app - is begging to be monetized, and while Snapchat has taken a few baby steps with ads for horror movies and iPhone games that don't really make great use of the platform, they took a major leap forward last Tuesday when they released a considerable update for the service with a key new feature: Discover. Snapchat Discover is a dedicated tab in the app's interface that features sponsored content from major entertainment and news sources, like ESPN, Vice, and Comedy Central.

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    They key word there is sponsored, as users see ads from major corporations like McDonalds when they tap on the ESPN icon to see highlights from the Super Bowl. With major news corporations and advertisers paying Snapchat to have an audience with their millions of users, Snapchat is living up to its $10 billion valuation. There is just one big problem.

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