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Thread: Stock Android implicated?

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    Stock Android implicated?

    Much of the coverage has described the case as affecting only early versions of Touchwiz. But the Sprint Nexus S 4G was part of this case (though strangely the regular Nexus S was not). The NS4G was found to infringe the bounce-back patent, and the one-finger scroll/two-finger zoom (pinch-to-zoom) patents. It was found not to infringe the double-tap-to-zoom patent.
    This is especially odd since as far as I know this phone has never had bounce-back. (Unless you install the Firefox Mobile browser.) It does have double-tap-to-zoom, though I am unsure if it operates the exact same way as on Touchwiz phones.

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    What are the implications of these infringements on a stock Android device? Scrolling and pinch-to-zoom are huge and still part of future Android releases. Bounce back is gone (not sure it was ever in stock Android), and again I'm not sure if the double-tap-to-zoom implementation is exactly the same in stock as it is in the devices found to infringe.

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    Ridiculous as to how pich to zoom was validated by the jury… it was developed at Bell Labs back in the 80’s… work was also done at Xerox PARC in the very early 90’s… this found its way into a TED presentation for the manipulation of photos in Feb 2006… a year before the iPhone was unveiled.
    Ridiculous that other people hardwork, risk & investment can be patented and then used to throttle competition and limit consumer choice

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    Patents are filed way before the invention is presented.

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    OK, it has been demonstrated elsewhere that the app drawer on the NS4G did indeed have a bounce-back effect. Now that we know where it was found, it’s clear that feature has since been removed from stock Android. So that leaves only the one-finger scroll/two-finger zoom patent. And I think there are plenty of other threads discussing that topic.

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