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    Music Streaming Service

    Well with the news that pandora is coming out (finally) with its premium streaming service I still feel lost as ever. I have a student Apple Music and Spotify through a friends family account. I have tried to get into Apple Music but it just doesn't seem to get my tastes no matter how hard I've tried. If I like a tribe called quests old albums I get lil Wayne recommendations. With Spotify I haven't had the same success people have with their discovery lists. It's very hit or miss.

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    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? What music service do a you use and why? Anyone have the same issues of not feeling like a service "gets them" but figured out how to fix it?
    if not I'm hoping pandora will be great as its radio always got me but was just to repetitive.

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    Even though the Verge pretends it doesn’t exist, Google Music is by far the best service for me personally
    Playlist suggestions/radio – check
    Massive on-demand library – check
    App and Web interface – check
    Can upload own music – check
    Family subscription – check
    Podcast support – check
    Alone it’s one of the best throw in YT Red/Music Key and it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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    How accurate would you say the radio is ? I use that function more than anything. Also how are the playlist suggestions as well? Thanks

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    I enjoy it! I’m not an avid music fan, so I like being able to choose a genre and go with whatever is suggested.
    The playlists based on time of day are good too – mostly it will have one of the things I’m doing, and one of the genres I like to, to choose from.
    I think the free (ad-supported) service will let you check out the radio/discovery function, or alternatively I think right now it’s a 3 or 4 month free trial period if you sign up – give it a go!

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