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Thread: Nintendo, often dismissed as being "kiddy", has actually made the best console for adults

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    Nintendo, often dismissed as being "kiddy", has actually made the best console for adults

    I own a PS4. I love my PS4. However, after just a few days with the Switch, I'm convinced it's actually the best console to own as an adult.
    Why? Because, as adults, we don't need HDR or 4k or even something as undeniably cool as virtual reality. What we need - and what Nintendo has given us - is convenience.
    If I have time to chill on the couch, then the Switch is Fine(tm) as an under-the-TV console. Is it the best home console? Nah - I'd still go with my PS4 for dedicated console gaming. But the Switch is Good Enough which, if the games are there, is all the matters.

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    But, of course, that's just the start. As I get older, the amount of time I have to spend in front of the TV grows shorter and shorter. I have more commitments and less time that is my own. And, unlike anything else that lives under my TV, the Switch is cool with that. I realized this when I took it on a trip this weekend and started up Zelda 5 seconds from where I left off, playing it on the TV the night before. Unlike the PS4 or the Xbox or a PC, it doesn't doesn't demand my full attention, and it doesn't expect me to bend my life to it; it bends itself to my life.

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    Someone at home want to use the TV? No problem. Going somewhere where I have some time to kill? Take it along. Going to a party? Why not throw it in a bag, just in case? The fact you always have at least two controllers with you makes it perfect for that sort of thing. You might find some folks who are up for some quick games of 1-2 Switch or, soon enough, Mario Kart, or something like Jackbox, where all you need is the console and your smartphones.

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    People are focusing on it flaws, and sure, they're frustrating. The left Joycon shouldn't have issues, the dock shouldn't scratch the screen, you should be able to keep move your saved games to external storage. I can name a dozen things that drive me crazy, but I also just *don't care*, because the console itself is so friction-free - the UI gets out of your way, and you're almost always back into your game within five seconds of grabbing the Switch. It's so clearly designed by adults, for adults, who realize that every second is valuable.

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