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Thread: Auto-play epidemic.

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    Auto-play epidemic.

    Auto-play of videos grew to be a real pain on the internet lately. Nobody want's it. When I'm on my phone, it eats my precious and expensive data. It plays sound I don't want to hear and distracts me from reading what I actually came to read.

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    Why? Why are so many sites doing that? Don't they realize that they are repeating the ad-fiasco? Ad-blockers didn't become popular before the internet became basically unusable without one. Now the sites are doing the same with auto-play and all it will accomplish is that auto-play blockers will become popular.
    I know auto-play drives the view-numbers and that video-ads can't be blocked (thanks browser-DRM!) - but all that crap accomplishes is a bad user experience. Sites using auto-play are shooting themselves in the foot.

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    Because I’m not talking about YouTube. I’m talking about news-sites with embedded videos using their own players.

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    Or those hideous small sized in article video ads, usually for Mc Donalds or other large brands.
    Was the reason I ended up ad-blocking The Verge.

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