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Thread: US exploring ways to strike back against China hacking

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    US exploring ways to strike back against China hacking

    However, this does have a bitter aftertaste. As the last wikileaks documents show, the USA is conduction espionage on politicians of allied nations, and is also doing industrial espionage. From the Snwoden leaks we know that they are trying to surveil the whole internet traffic. Everyone who isn't US citizen is free game.

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    When people form Europe complain that the surveillance of our elected governments by an allied state is outrageous, usually the reaction is a mere 'that's just how it works'.

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    The US, however, 'retaliates'. That's actually not bad and is totally the right thing to do when you are attacked - I just wonder why none of the US allies that are attacked by the US do anything about it.

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    Personally, I think the US has good reasons here to act against China. If they find a way to do it by hacking the great firewall, it might be a really good thing. I'd just hope the German government would show an equally harsh reaction to the fact that the US spied on them for years. The US are a huge international offender in the cyber-wars, and they don't distinguish between friend and foe when it comes to total surveillance. The harsh truth is, that in this case, the German government has good reasons to cooperate with the Chinese, just to get these records to unmask US spies in Germany, spying on German politicians, industry and citizens. And that's just fucked up.

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    It’s naive to think China (and anyone else with the capabilities for that matter) isn’t doing exactly the same thing to any nation they have an interest in.

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