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Thread: Screen Burn in on OLED Alienware 13

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    Screen Burn in on OLED Alienware 13

    How worried are you about screen burn in on the new Alienware 13 R3 OLED screen? Do you think the display is worth it in the long term?

    Thank You

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    Never seen burn in on any modern OLED device, not sure if it is due to OLED technology advancements or the accompanying software enhancements. On this also it should be a non issue.

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    Every OLED demo device I’ve seen in store has had burn in. Of course 100% brightness 100% of the time is hardly typical usage but it does price it can happen.

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    8-12 hours daily, with the display not-constant for the entire day, the screen turning off in between due to screen time-out, maybe?

    Well I meant typical usage.

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    Did you even read the conversation above?!
    And all these burn-in demos are stupid as no one puts a constant image on their device for hours at a stretch.

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