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Thread: Mossberg on streaming - what is up with streaming?

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    Mossberg on streaming - what is up with streaming?

    Just read Mossbergs piece on the new age of streaming (preach it, Walt, on point as always) - and seriously what is going on here? Streaming services are becoming live services with no on-demand? Buying channel bundles? So in the US, it seems the big players are successfully turning streaming into cable. Well done. But that was really not the idea, how can you (the users and subscribers) be OK with this?

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    I’m okay with it because there is no contract required for these streaming services. Not a big fan of Mossberg and didnt like this write up. He ignores play station Vue (which has on demand options) and Amazon.

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    I think the thread should actually be about this gem:

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    There are many other options available that offer what Mossberg pretends he wants. If you want to break away from the cable/satellite industry, you don’t run to a subsidiary.

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