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Thread: PC or Console?

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    PC or Console?

    I like me some debate, I believe PC is the best, and I'd love to debate which platform is superior, any takers?

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    I think PC will give you the best overall graphics, but the combination of convenience, with the sheer number of players, gives consoles the advantage.

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    I play a lot of shooters. Battlefield, call of duty, games like that. When the most recent Star Wars battlefront came out, I never had any trouble connecting with players at any time of the day. There were usually between 80k and 130k players online on PS4 at any moment.

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    But when I checked the forums, the posts were all about how difficult it was to find a match. The common denominator was those players having trouble all played on PC. The PC player base for that game peaked at 15k users or so. If you can imagine those players spread across the planet all trying to match, no wonder they experienced lags and long waits to connect.

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