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Thread: How do you store/backup your digital photos?

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    How do you store/backup your digital photos?

    Nowadays with the proliferation of smartphones with cameras and iCloud and GooglePhotos automatically uploading your images to cloud storage, most people don't even worry about backing them up. But what about all the photos we took when digital cameras and DSLRs first came out?

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    i have a ton of photos of the kids as babies that I have backed up on an external hard drive, but my main Windows PC died and I never bothered to replace it since we all mobile devices and the kids have their laptops for school.

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    There are two things I do. My website houses the jpeg edit galleries for selects. The in-house storage of RAWfiles is on a Drobo 5N that has internet connectivity capability and the easiest implementation of N:1 protection. I have four 3TB drives and about 5TB in use of the 9ish available. Adding a drive is literally take it out of the box and insert it and it gets formatted and integrated into the "RAID". Great user experience and solid support so far…

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    I right now have most of my images on a 1TB external drive, with the most recent on my Surface 3 either needing to be edited to transferred to my external. I also have a copy of most of my stuff saved on a second drive on my media center PC. Plus, I am slowly uploading stuff the images I like onto tumblr.

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