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Thread: Camera Backpack Search

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    Camera Backpack Search

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm currently looking for a camera backpack that fits the following criteria:
    1) Price: It must be below $150. The lower, the better.
    2) Design: It must be able to fit at least 1 DSLR body, two lenses and a 15" laptop.
    3) Look: It must not have a huge logo or anything that is a dead giveaway that I'm carrying expensive camera gear in my bag.

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    This is way more difficult than it should be. All the bags I find look like a camera bag adapted to be used as a backpack. Anything that looks half decent won’t fit a laptop larger than an iPad. I’ll be curious to see if anybody here has found anything.

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    I tend to rely on messenger bags for carrying my big laptops, but I really like my Brenthaven Velo for this job. But it’s particularly comfy for cycling, and not super aesthetic in the currently fashionable retro-esque waxed-canvas and leather sort of way.

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    You could take a look at Timbuk2. They don’t make a camera-specific bag but they do have this camera bag insert which is interesting. I don’t own it myself but it seems like it might suit your needs.

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    Timbuk2 bags are super high quality, reasonably priced and have great customer service.
    Depending on the size, you might be able to buy just the insert and use it inside a bag you already own which could be a cheaper option.

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