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Thread: The Verge uses Go Daddy

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    The Verge uses Go Daddy

    I don’t know a whole lot about hosting but isn’t it pretty likely that they simply registered through GoDaddy, prior to the brouhaha, but currently host on a real host, and aren’t really a Godaddy customer in that sense? And they simply haven’t changed the DNS or whatever? Or am I making way too many assumptions?
    In any case, I think Godaddy has been pretty thoroughly spanked already. If Verge were to ditch them now I think it would be flogging a dead horse.

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    Exactly. The Verge merely used GoDaddy as a registrar.

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    My first post was probably a little lazy. I was pointing out that The Verge uses Go Daddy as a registrar. The recent protests involved switching from Go Daddy to different domain registrars. I think it’s fair to ask why The Verge hasn’t switched registrars given its anti-SOPA stance.

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