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Thread: Feedback on digital resume?

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    Feedback on digital resume?

    I recently made a digital resume and was looking for some feedback on that. Here it is:
    I'm on the lookout for jobs and besides my conventional CV, I also plan to give this to those who do not have the time to read the text filled conventional CV.
    What do you guys think?

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    looks cool i think, but it depends how people will find it I think.
    Did you have to do a lot of customisation to get that look?

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    My initial thought was focused on how long it is… It was a lot of scrolling (even though there is a menu at the top.) Maybe cut back on some of your experiences, given there are a few that are for such short periods of time? (i.e., the interpreter position could be represented by a skill set listing, that would invite the interviewer to ask about your knowledge of other languages and you can give them a specific example at that point) Your present position should be listed first and then proceed reverse-chronologically from there. (i.e., move “” to the first spot, and so on)

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    One minor edit is that you need to change the footer to 2013 and include your name, not the filler text “Company Name.”
    It seems really cool, though! I’d never heard of this website before. Seems like a perfect fit for the industry you have been working in, too. Nice job.

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    Depends on what kind of job you are applying for, but based on your history, it looks like it applies. Especially in the experience area.
    First, it’a VERY long. There is a ton of white space, and too much vertical space dedicated to images.
    Second, drop the secondary school entry in your education. Once you get a real job after colleege, high school etc no longer matters. No one cares (unless you think there is some kind of alumni in the company you are applying to.

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