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Thread: Buying Advice: Mechanical Keyboard

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    Buying Advice: Mechanical Keyboard

    I'm currently in the process of building my home desktop setup. I have my machine and monitor picked out, but I'm still researching which keyboard to buy. I'm not looking for for a gaming keyboard, since this setup will only be used for writing books and editing podcasts. I'm just looking for a really good mechanical keyboard for typing. Any recommendations are welcome. Currently, I've only been able to find DasKeyboard and WASD as good non-gaming keyboards. Thanks to all who reply!

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    I vote Das Keyboard. Been using one at work for years.

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    Are you using keyboard 4 or one of the other ones?

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    Here you go.
    Basically pornhub for mechanical keyboards.
    Bring Your Own Lube.

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    I like Corsair’s K70 series. I had a couple of requirements when I was in the market for a mechanical keyboard:

    • Standard layout – no weird arrangements around the Home key cluster/arrows, no tenkeyless, no messing with the Windows keycap.
    • Minimalistic design.
    • Arial font. No weird Star Trek-esque fonts.
    • Minimal backlighting. I’m not principally opposed to RGB but some companies really take it too far.
    • Some convenience buttons are okay.

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