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Thread: Creative Cloud vs Creative Suite 6

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    Creative Cloud vs Creative Suite 6

    Which one do you prefer?
    What makes Creative Cloud worth it?

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    CS6 is, at this point, nearly half a decade old.
    Creative Cloud is excellent, you get every program you need (and more) for one cost (instead of having to pay per app and for upgrades), not to mention added bonuses like a large font library. The entire thing is fairly seamless and the apps update fairly regularly with new features.

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    What apps were you looking at using? I work primarily in Premiere, and the app has grown miles since CS6 – the new color correction and grading, especially with Lumetri, is wonderful.

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    I could do absolutely everything I do in CC in CS6 as well. 2D graphics and layouting hasnt changed very much in recent years. However there are a lot of quality of life improvements that make the new software a lot nicer to use than the old one and would make it difficult for me to go back.
    I don’t think CS6 even has support for Retina/HiDPI displays? They added that in some CC update if I remember correctly. (CC isn’t actually a ‘version number’ the way CS6 was, it’s just what Adobe stuff is called now. There are still big updates every year or so, and small ones in between)

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