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Thread: Objectivity of Nintendo Switch Reviews

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    Objectivity of Nintendo Switch Reviews

    The people who are reviewing the Nintendo Switch are also playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Could the experience with the software cloud the review of the hardware? Is it possible that reviewers unintentionally give the Switch a higher score because Breath of the Wild is so amazing? I know software sells hardware but software can blind us to the hardware problems. I am not saying the Switch will be bad or Zelda will be awesome. I am wondering if the reviewer were reviewing a different game, would they give the Switch the same score.

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    Well given that the Switch doesn’t really have many other functions besides playing games, it is difficult to review the hardware outside ease of use on the functions it was designed to do. Its main competition is better as a home console, but lacks portable functions so it kind of stands on its own.

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    The quality of the games used for review will certainly affect the hardware review as it should. Reviews on it are going to be a snapshot and what it plays at time of review will matter a lot. No one wants to buy a game console that lacks quality games to play.

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    Maybe they should review a diverse set of games or do a follow up review when more games come out.

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    Most of them already do that. Many even have yearly "state of the PS4/Xbox One" articles
    However to complain about the colouration of the launch review this early….

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