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Thread: What's the best headset?

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    What's the best headset?

    I've looked at some options that I think are good, but I'm willing to hear your opinions.

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    The correct answer is always a good set of cans plus an external mic, but if you’re looking for something cheaper/prefabricated, get the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. Few come close above its price range, and nothing comes close within its price range.

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    It really depends what you plan on doing.
    Is this strictly for music listening or are you also creating? Do you plan on using a mic? What’s your budget?

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    Headphones is a whole world, you can get some pretty decent cans for ~100$, but you can get some extremely good ones for 1000$.

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    It really depends. If you’ll use it for gaming then I recommend using Sennheiser PC 363D
    I use it for work — talking to clients etc., too and it’s performance so far the best that I’ve used.

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