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Thread: program capable of syncing two 1 tb drives without using all ram

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    program capable of syncing two 1 tb drives without using all ram

    I have a question about programs for syncing large amounts of data. Let's say I have two 1 tb drives on two different computers (e.g. one at work and one at home). What program will allow me to keep these two hard drives in sync without using up all the RAM on my computer and without continuously crashing? I have tried many programs now, but all of them either continuously crash or use up all of the RAM on my computer. Note that not only are there many gb of files on the hard drives, but there are actually also many very small files which seems to cause problems for many programs.

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    These are the programs I have tried: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Bittorrent Sync, and GoodSync.
    So far the best program I have tried is oDrive. However, it is quite slow for my task, and keeps crashing. Therefore, I need to continually restart it. ODrive seems to actually be getting the job done though.
    Note that I have an extremely fast network connection (fiberoptic with 100 Gb/s upload and 100 Gb/s download) so network speed is not the problem.

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    I have nearly 800gb worth of files (mostly NEF (Nikon RAW) and Jpg files), stored on OneDrive. I use it because it’s a fantastic deal at $100/yr and includes the full office for my main computers.
    I can’t say I’ve ever seen it give me a hard time with syncing across my laptop, desktop, and the smaller folders (working folders, the rest are more archival taking up all the space) that go to my Surface 3 when I’m on the move. Granted it can be a little slow at times.

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    What OS version(s) and OneDrive client are you using?
    I’m using the desktop client on Windows 10 (mix of home and pro)

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    The problem I have with One Drive is not "crashing".I would definitely say it would be "storage"
    If it wasn’t for Offfice and superior sycing of OneDrive,I don’t think I would be using it
    Here is something you wanna try.Don’t add all the data onto "XDrive Sycing Folders" .Just add it in partitions and I think you will be good(Since you are trying to add a lot of GB Files,I think that these programs are having a lot of problems)
    Offtopic : I have never observed these programs eating up all my RAM.Just open up Taskbar and check whether your CPU usage is "always near 90%" ,especially on your Home Device.
    If you do,then congratulations,you have a virus

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