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Thread: There's something about the GameBoy Advance... Did anyone ever perfect it?

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    There's something about the GameBoy Advance... Did anyone ever perfect it?

    I recently stumbled across my old GBA and instantly remembered why I gave it weeks and weeks of my life. It's such a comfortable design when it comes to holding it in your hands. Everything else about the console hasn't aged well. The lack of backlighting, the tiny screen, the battery door that falls out on a whim. I remember having an SP for a while, but selling it because I hated the form factor. Did anyone ever create the perfect GBA? Maybe gave it a bigger screen and a rechargeable battery? I remember afterburner kits that helped with the backlighting, but I'd be really interested in a modern parts in a Game Boy Advance shell...

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    I also had one of those clear blue GBAs (first gen) and the screen on that thing is unusable now. Incredibly dim, and the clip on my rear battery door has broken off.

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    Revo K101+. Almost perfect GBA-a-like. It can emulate SNES/NES too but some weird performance hiccups. Picked one up from Massdrop for ~$70. The shoulder buttons are mushier, and it charges via mini-USB (the only thing I have left that uses this) so it’s a minor pain, but otherwise it’s a great nostalgia toy.

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    I’ve got a GBA that’s been fitted with a proper backlit screen from a GBA SP (AGS-101 version). And I use USBrechargeable AA batteries (like these). I think it’s the perfect GBA, although I also have a soft spot for the GBAMicro.

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    I never knew batteries like that existed that’s hilarious!

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