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Thread: What other decent Photo Management / Backup solution are there?

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    What other decent Photo Management / Backup solution are there?

    I have 200GB+ of Photos, but due to silent file corruption other sort of reason I would much rather they are alive somewhere other then my NAS. They are losely organized into folders. What I need is a tool to check whether I have duplicated photos, and store them safely.

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    I think Google Photos, is pretty much the closest to perfect right now, the problem is I dont want everything of my life to live in Google universe. I am willing to pay, but Apple's Photo are no where near decent enough, also very slow. Dropbox i am not sure if they have any "Photos" related features, and I dont need 1TB of space. $9.99 is a little too much to swallow.
    What other solution are there? Flickr is also a Photo sharing site, which doesn't sit well in the back of my mind.

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    I use OneDrive. A lot of space for reasonable amount of money + Office as a nice bonus. But it isn’t as nice as it was with W8.1

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    I love and use OneDrive for all my personal backup stuff. I haven’t even seen my dropbox in two years.

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    I don’t understand this statement. If Google Photos is perfect for you, you should use it. At the very least, using Google Photos or some other 3rd party solution means you can use it across different platforms.
    That said…
    200GBs of photos?! Are these all family photos? Are there some videos thrown in there as well?

    Just seems like a lot to me. I’m taking a lot more photos these days, but I don’t have nearly that many.

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