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Thread: Panasonic G7 or Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark 2???????

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    Panasonic G7 or Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark 2???????

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing my first "real" camera, and I'm deciding between these 2 cameras and any help this forum can give with either experience or recommendations would be great
    First on my priorities is image quality, I have been doing my own research but cant really tell which is better on just photos, I have 2 small children and I am very concerned about the focus speed and auto focus in general between the 2, anyone with little kids or pets know they rarely if ever sit still so capturing them can be very difficult so any help with info about this would be very helpful

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    second thing is I plan on using the kit lenses for a bit with either one but will be upgrading them in the future so any info on who has the better lenses would be nice as well
    third is video quality, from my own research its become obvious that the Panasonic is better than the Olympus at video but its honestly not hugely important to me but i thought i would include it just to gather more data for purchase
    fourth is aesthetics, such as grip feel and balance also design (Love the Olympus here) but wondering more so about wear and tear, the Panasonic is dull in comparison but does that mean it will endure longer?

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    price is not really and issue as right now they're both pretty affordable right now, Panasonic listed at $599 and $499 for the Olympus so not negligible but not huge either
    thanks for the assistance with this
    EDIT: if anyone is interested I wound up going with the Panasonic G7 and so far I'm loving it, thanks for all the advice

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    Since both are using essentially the same sensor, image quality should be similar, minus the difference between processing. My suggestion would be try to find a local shop that carries either model and see which one you connect more with. When I was looking at my first m4/3 camera, I was at the time deciding between the Panasonic G2 and the Olympus EPL-1/E-P2. I like the the fact that the Olympus had built in image stabilization, and the smaller size that was more liken to cameras of the 70s. But, when I went to try them out in store, I wasn’t a fan of the Olympus interface, and prefered Panasonic’s menu interface and control layout(touch screen, which Panasonic was the only one to have at the time also swayed things).

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    The only local shop is best buy so I’ll check them out on Wednesday and may buy from there another date, from what I’m reading the controls on the Olympus are pretty good but the screen doesn’t articulate as well as the Panasonic, I love the idea of the Olympus being built in stabilized so leaning that way to be honest

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