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Thread: Open Source Voting Platform (OSoVoP)

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    Open Source Voting Platform (OSoVoP)

    Had an idea yesterday, way out of left field, and no idea if it is viable. I'm just going off of my admittedly very basic understanding of the technologies underlying BitTorrent and BitCoin. So if anyone familiar with both BitTorrent swarm technology and BitCoin crypto coding knows whether these two technologies could be utilized to create a secure online voting program, please chime in.

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    My thoughts thus far are these:

    a) Use BitTorrent swarm tech to aggregate and tally the votes and voters,
    b) Use BitCoin derived crypto-coding and hash mapping to verify the integrity of the block chain,
    c) Completely open source to enable full integrity via independent white hat AND black hat checks,
    d) Couple NFC, biometrics, and memory in the form of a standard ID to initiate the voting process (redundant security = ID + thumbprint needed to vote.)

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    So here's how I imagine the voter experience with this:

    1) Voter gets new ID for their state containing an NFC antenna plus record of their thumb print,

    2) Each municipality, state, and the Federal gov (separately) host a blockchain tracker for their particular election,
    3) Voters authenticate their votes via NFC between their ID and phone or PC,
    4) Voters use a PC or smartphone browser or app to access said tracker,
    5) The votes and voter's biometrics are tallied by the swarm, and verified by blockchain hashing; as well as their vote being recorded to the memory embedded in their ID.,
    6) Results of the votes aggregated by the swarm are estimated in real time and displayed on the tracker website.
    7) Election period closes, and blockchain hashing verifies the results of the vote; final results are noted.

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    I like it, but the tech is immaterial: the politics would get in the way.
    1- We first have to solve the problem of who gets to vote. When we can’t even agree that non-tax-paying non-citizens (i.e., illegal aliens) shouldn’t be able to vote; when requiring a PHOTO ID (compared to the ID you mention in #1 and the NFC tech in a phone or PC in #3) is a race issue; when people are paranoid about the NSA tracking their phone calls, let alone being fingerprinted… there’s just no way.
    2- Cost. It’s prohibitively expensive for an over-bloated, directionless government that can’t fix the tax system.
    3- Constitutionality- There’s issues with the feds dictating something like this. Which is why we have the silly patchwork system we have now.

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    Oh I know. I’d love to see something like this implemented in a small market though. If it works, it could be adopted by other markets; if it fails, it could be scrapped or improved.
    Requiring current ID being a race issue, that’s always been a bogus claim. There are programs in place for people of low means to get a free ID. If one has to have an ID to a) get a job, b) buy a gun, c) buy a beer, d) buy cigarettes, e) open a bank account, etc etc etc.; then there is no logical reason that a requirement to prove citizenship is any different. Some folks simply do not want to be held accountable for their actions, and other simply want to abuse the system.
    While as an anarchist, I’d dearly love to shoot the system in the face and let it die; and to replace it with voluntary interaction between free individuals with no outside coercion (government)… there are far too many State worshippers for that to happen overnight. Thus, we have to first pull the creep toward tyranny to a halt and begin a creep toward liberty.

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