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Thread: Mario on the 15th? Lies

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    Mario on the 15th? Lies

    It has been the 15th now for 22hr and 16mins
    The iOS Appstore still brazenly displays Mario banners trumpeting availability on the 15th
    There is no Mario

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    and while I appreciate it is not yet the 15th in Cupertino and I am in Australia, the Australian Appstore is clearly saying the 15th
    Now I know what you are thinking, 1st world problems..
    1st world problems my ass, this is women's suffrage, this is freedom of speech, this is the modern scientific method, this is Mario for the first time on a smartphone, a significant historical moment.

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    What if everyone showed up to sign the declaration of independence on the 15th but oh no, Jefferson was taking his sweet time and waltzed in a day late eh... nothing, they'd all have left. Modern history altered forever.
    These companies have no idea the damage they are unleashing on probable reality when they do stuff like this
    /end of the world as we know it

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    I know right? I’m surprised I was even able to read this post due to all the famine, plague, and nuclear war this has caused.

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    PS: Calling Trump’s direct line right now to sort this all out.

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