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Thread: Computer Science student - Macbook Pro, Macbook, or Surface Laptop (And upgrade to Windows 10 Pro)

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    Computer Science student - Macbook Pro, Macbook, or Surface Laptop (And upgrade to Windows 10 Pro)

    Hey guys, just wanted a take on a laptop for a computer science student. I'm considering these laptops:
    Macbook 2017
    * 256GB SSD
    * i5
    *8GB Ram
    Macbook Pro 2017
    8GB ram
    128GB SSD
    Non Touchbar
    Surface Laptop
    My primary concerns are
    Build quality
    Keyboard Quality
    Battery life

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    And then software ecosystem - is there still a general anti - Windows sentiment amongst many developers and Comp Sci students, or with the advent of better hardware (and the Ubuntu Shell) is that changing?
    Also - do you think a 12" screen would be too small during class on the Macbook? I have an external monitor for at home assignments, but I can't completely handicap myself on the go.

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    You can’t really go wrong with any of those options. But if it was my choice, I’d probably go with the MacBook Pro, since the bigger screen will be more comfortable for code writing, I find macOS to be a more comfortable and reliable OS than windows, specially for coding, and I trust Apple’s battery estimates more than Microsoft’s.

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    Valid analysis. One thing I’m keeping in mind is that I can always run Windows on OSx while having Macbook hardware, but not vice versa.

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    You’ll probably end up going through a series of torrid love affairs with various Linux Distros anyways. You can run Windows in parallel, or OSX in a Virtual Machine, both work fine on modern processors. If you want a console on windows Cygwin works great (you can even run Emacs and Vim is that’s your thing). OSX is only required for development for Apple devices, everything else you can find/run equivalents on both platforms. Eclipse, Visual Studio, Netbeans, Android Studio, Notepad++, Nano, etc. There’s almost always a way to do it, and everyone develops their own personal idiosyncrasies.

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