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Thread: iOS 11 Beta

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    iOS 11 Beta

    So far, I'm enjoying the beta on my iPad Pro 9.7.
    A few things I've noticed so far:
    *Chrome is displaying the web address toward the right corner of the bar*
    *My display appears to be dimmer than normal*
    *Scrolling seems faster, really wish I could see it on the newer iPads with the faster refresh displays*
    *No app crashes so far, but I've had some freeze up for a few moments*
    All in all, I think this is going to be a huge relegation for iPad owners who wish for a bit more utility from the world's best pure tablet.
    How has your experience been?

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    I went to bed, and the next day everything has been fine. I like the new lane guidance in Apple Maps. I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of the screenshots function and the screen recording function. The other day, my girlfriend asked me why her music wasn’t on her iPhone. I was able to whip up a video showing how to navigate to iCloud settings to make sure she was signed in, and then navigate to Music settings to make sure all the correct settings were on. It’s easy enough to say go to settings > iCloud > etc…. but a video is game changing.

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    The other thing I’m loving is the consistent titles across apps. Settings, Photos, Mail, and the rest all have those bold consistent titles at the top. They look great.
    So far so good.

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    It’s still too wonky for my phone…So I stuck to installing only on my iPad.
    Also, the most useful features of iOS 11 were for the iPad.

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    I’m really not sure about the beta. My phone gets really hot sometimes and the battery drains fast. It’s a pain. Most of the time it’s great but the random heat ups, and the occasional freezes, really takes the fun away.

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