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Thread: Overwatch. Too easy? Too good? or what?

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    Overwatch. Too easy? Too good? or what?

    I've played Overwatch once. The last time Blizzard did a free weekend gameplay. It was fun, to me the game feels as a "cartoony call of duty" so my first instinct is to just run & gun and spray till I get comfortable with the controls.
    it mostly felt natural! my very first match was against bots so of course I'm going get a lot of kills and feel as if the game is easy.

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    so then I decide to play online and mid way through the match I realize I have a 15 player kill streak(playing as was like wait WTF, this is still bots...then I realized, nope I'm playing against real people.

    within another 3 or 4 matches I switched around and played as tracer(ok), bastion(fun/ok), Mc'cree(fun/difficult), and I thing Hanzo for like 30 secs.
    So what im trying to say is. Is this game too damn easy? or am I just kinda good? Or what?

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    yes a couple losses..
    even with this free weekend going on I won nearly 5 in a row doing 3v3 and normal matches

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    Key word there is "Free Weekend" there’s tons of noobs online that weekend, and since Overwatch does a great job of matching you with people of similar skill (in ALL gamemodes), you just got matched with a bunch of scrubs that honestly probably weren’t much better than the bots, if at all. At least the bots are programmed with some basic knowledge of their abilities. Most noobs know nothing about the game, their hero, the map, or their abilities, making this beginner level play easy and sometimes frustrating.

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