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Thread: Angler EK and the Argument for Ad Blocking

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    Angler EK and the Argument for Ad Blocking

    Aaaaaand on goes the ad blocker again. Hard to give sites their income if they subscribe to services that continually serve malware.

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    'Google, AOL, Rubicon, and AppNexus are the four advertising platforms through which the malicious ads were delivered.'
    'The malicious ads have been displayed on some of the biggest sites that include Microsoft's MSN portal, the New York Times, the BBC, AOL, Comcast's Xfinity, NFL, Realtor, the Weather Network, The Hill, and Newsweek.'

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    I run a modified .hosts file, and or uBlock.
    If a site has a problem with that, they can block their content and I’ll just not go.

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    I didn’t enter into any sort of agreement with the sites I go to where I’ve agreed to ‘pay’ them by allowing outside networks access to my consciousness.

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    Sadly that’s why I stopped going to Wired now.
    I even tried whitelisting them, but I kept getting blocked out of the content.
    So no Wired for me.

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