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Thread: Issues in Google Chorme

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    Issues in Google Chorme

    I bought a new laptop with window 8.1. I have an issue with google Chorme. When I open, It opens but when I open other sites other than Facebook it do not open. What should I do?

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    Use Opera or Firefox or Vivaldi or Edge.

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    Windows 8.1 means he has IE not Edge, but yes, the easiest solution is to just use another browser.
    The OP also needs to provide additional information if he wants people’s help. How about some screen-shots and/or description messages of the errors you are getting if any.

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    I have issues in Google "Chorme" too.
    casual snort

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    Thanks Sonus but I’m use to with Google Chrome. First it seems like page is loading n then This message appear "This webpage is not available".

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