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Thread: The Future Of Video Games

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    When thinking about the future, we almost always think about technology. One of these great and growing technology is gaming. It is very popular in the younger age group which also happens to be the group that loves new technologies. But what does its future hold? In this article, I’m going to cover just that, the software and hardware aspect. I’m also going to implement my own opinion and ideas. Feel free to add comments of what you think the future of gaming will be like, let’s get a good conversation started!

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    The Future Of Video Games

    One of the main components of gaming is the hardware; The way you interact with the game is very important. In the future of gaming, you can expect that will greatly be changed from what we game on today.

    For example, virtual reality. As of now VR is quite cheap to get, all you need is a smartphone and special glasses with lenses. The problem is gaming on VR is a lot more expensive, you must be on PC to get a good experience and that can be quite costly. VR headsets will be much more popularized because of easier access. VR will be made available to consoles from main manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony. A recent example being PlayStation VR; However, multiple sources state that it is not very good. The tech will be vastly improved and be made more accessible. It is a big market that manufacturers will not miss out on.

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    One of the big changes we may see is mobile gaming. Today smart phones are getting very fast. The new iPhone 7 has the fastest processor of any phone and is as powerful as basic laptops. Smartphones are the best opportunity we have for cheap VR gaming. Soon, it is safe to say that cellphone manufacturers will take advantage of the very cheap VR accessibility and the speed of these devices to create very realistic video games.

    I think one of the big things that will evolve in the gaming world will be the controllers. The way you control the game is very important to your experience. We will have advanced movement tracking devices which will make yourself your own controller. We already have this technology today like Kinect on Xbox which is available but we will have more precise movements and be able to walk around on walking pads without actually moving. I think what would be cool and would add even more of a real experience to the game would be using controllers like steering wheels and gun shaped controllers. That and VR will be a good combination to have the most real experience ever.

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    Another technology we will see soon, will be streamed video games. You will no longer need powerful hardware as the video games will be able to be streamed over internet. The mass of data loaded will require fast internet which will as well be more common in the future.

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    One of the main thing that will change will be the games themselves. An important trend we can observe is the improvements in graphics. Games will have better and better graphics, soon they will be as realistic as real life.

    The future of video games seems to be heavily concentrated in making video games more realistic and fun. What do you think the future holds?

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